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Making a payment to MHC has never been easier! MHC has two payment portals, each offering the ability to manage either your Truck Loan Payment Account or your Parts, Service, Carrier, or Leasing Account - sometimes referred to as a “trade account.” Simply click the button for the invoice you would like to pay. 
Make Truck Loan Payment Online

Pay your MHC Financial Services Loan

Registration is simple, just need your MHC Customer number and current invoice number. The payment system offers, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, no fees for ACH payments and more. 
Make Invoice Payments Online

Pay Your Parts, Repair, Carrier or Leasing Invoices

This simple portal allows customers to conveniently login to pay any MHC invoice from Parts, Service to Leasing and Carrier divisions. The payment system offers 7 day, 24 hour access, schedule payments, download statements and more. 

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