MHC is Built on Customer Service

The success of our business can be summed up in two words; satisfied customers. Since 1975, Murphy-Hoffman Company (MHC) has built its business on the belief that customer loyalty is only as strong as customer service. This focus has helped MHC become a multi-state network of Kenworth dealers providing more than 50,000 customers with a full range of truck related services.

MHC is an expansion of the original company, Ozark Kenworth, Inc. Ozark Kenworth started in Springfield, Missouri, in January 1975; opened for business with only three employees in a temporary facility. From there, the company grew and expanded.

Currently, MHC operates across 19 states with over 120 locations including dealerships, full-service transport refrigeration locations and full-service leasing and rental operations, and a finance company that offers a complete array of financial services.

Service Employees

Our Mission at Murphy-Hoffman Company

To provide our employees with a responsive, safe and superior working environment; a spirit of team effort, and rewarding them with the courtesy and respect they deserve.

To create a performance bond with our customers by: providing premium services at competitive prices, add value by offering additional services, and do it better than our competition; which will perpetuate a healthy company that earns an appropriate return on employee efforts.

Quality and service to our employees and customers are the building blocks of our business strategy.
Quality Tech

Assurance to MHC's Commitment to Quality

Customers can expect consistent quality and operations at every MHC dealership and leasing franchise. You can also count on our commitment to continuously improve upon our operations and to listen to your feedback.

MHC takes pride in this quality commitment and would like to recognize our employees as the force behind our success.

MHC's Quality Policy sums up our quality promise to our employees and customers:
  • Committed to providing our customers with quality products and services, ensuring total customer satisfaction.
  • Devoted to a quality culture that encourages employee participation and the promotion of continuous quality improvement.
  • Dedicated to providing our employees with the resources and training necessary to maximize their skills and the level of customer service.
  • Our goal is to make every customer a lifetime customer