Never Miss a Facebook Update from MHC

Facebook recently updated its news feed algorithm, emphasizing posts from friends and family, with less focus on posts from businesses and media organizations. Make sure you’re seeing all of MHC’s Facebook updates, as well as industry tips, tricks, parts specials and more by following these three steps:

Go to the MHC Kenworth Facebook page and make sure the “Like” box is checked, which means you’re following the page.

MHC Facebook Page
If on a desktop or laptop, hover over the arrow on the “Like” button, which will bring up a list of options. If on your phone, tap the “Following” button.
MHC Facebook Page
Under the label that says “In Your News Feed,” which is probably set to “default,” click or tap on “See First” to see everything posted to the MHC page.
MHC Facebook Page

The steps above enable you to see the things MHC posts at the top of your news feed, giving you an inside look at the latest product updates, industry events and specials. The more you click links from a publisher or share them on your page, the more Facebook fine-tunes what shows up in your news feed.

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