3 Big Benefits of the T370's New Wide Base Steer Tire Spec

Kenworth T370 with wide base 385 steer tires and upper axle ratings Kenworth recently announced a new spec’ing option on its T370 truck. The medium duty model can now be spec’d with wide base tires for applications requiring up to 20,000-lb. front axle ratings. The tires were previously exclusively available on all-wheel drive T370 steer axles with ratings up to 16,000-lbs.

The new spec’ing option provides several benefits in conjunction with the new axle and suspension configurations, including:

Increased Payload  |  Affordability  |  Better Handling

Increased Payload

Larger steer axle tires match the new 20,000-lb. capacity steer axles and springs, providing a true 20K rating. More axle capacity means more product gets hauled, boosting your bottom line.


Previously, buyers would purchase a T440 or T880 to meet the heavy payload requirements of their application, often dipping into acquisition costs. Owners and operators can now buy a smaller, less expensive truck and haul additional payload with the T370’s wide base tires option.

Better Handling

The wide base steer tires provide a larger ‘footprint’ in vocational applications. This allows drivers to more easily navigate through off-road conditions, making them less likely to sink in mud and sand while hauling heavier loads. Roll stability is improved dramatically, especially when a driver panics and maneuvers or swerves to avoid something. 

The T370 is available in 385/65R22.5 tire sizes with Bridgestone, Goodyear and Michelin. Talk to your MHC rep and learn more about the various spec’ing options available on the Kenworth T370!

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