Dump Trucks Springing Up at MHC Kenworth

T880 and W900 dump trucks are springing up at MHC Kenworth dealerships

Spring is here and with it comes construction season. To prepare for your toughest work, MHC currently has a large inventory of new Kenworth T880 and W900 dump trucks available in stock!

Dump trucks are valuable pieces of heavy duty equipment that span industries such as logging, refuse and ready-mix to name a few. When your job requires maximum effort, it’s crucial to dispatch a dump truck that can handle it. Our dump trucks are configured for rock-solid performance in every application:

Our dump truck chassis feature optimized steering for maximum maneuverability. Additionally, the trucks include spring ride or rubber mounted suspensions for a balance between comfort and stability. The trucks boast center mounted, front tow pins that are tied to both frame rails, and PTO and dump body switches with interlocks.

The T880 and W900 dump trucks come with hi-lift tailgates, which allows for dumping large items. The trucks feature custom height body sidewalls and extended rear lips, which enables easy spreading of asphalt.

The interiors of our dump trucks are quiet, spacious and come with a state-of-the-art control center that fits professionals of every shape and size. The T880 features a sloped hood, set forward or setback front axles, an ideal mix of payload and maneuverability as well as a supremely comfortable driving environment.

An investment in one of our new Kenworth T880 or W900 dump trucks pays off in greater driver satisfaction, productivity and resale value. Talk to your local MHC dealer today so you can take the World’s Best® truck to work tomorrow!

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