Improve Fuel Efficiency, Weight Savings with 6x2 Axles

Kenworth T660s Featuring 6x2 Axle Configurations Available in MHC Truck Inventory

MHC has a large inventory of 2012-2013 Kenworth T660s in stock and ready to go to work!

These late-model trucks are starting as low as $31,950 and are perfect for coast-to-coast drivers. Trucks come with Cummins or PACCAR engines, spacious double bunk sleepers and many feature 6x2 axle configurations.

What is a 6x2?
A 6x2 axle configuration has three axles and six wheel ends, but only one of the rear tandem axles is actually powered by the engine. Some in the industry relate a 6x2 axle truck to being no different than the comparison of a 2-wheel drive and a 4-wheel drive pickup truck.

Here are four ways trucks with 6x2 axle configurations help you:

Fuel Efficiency
This configuration results in a 2.5 percent reduction in fuel use. Drivers enjoy fuel economy improvements ranging between 1.6-4.6 percent in a 20-month payback period.

Light Weight
The 6x2 option offers significant weight reductions because a tag axle weighs less than a driven axle. Overall weight reduction can range between 400-450 lbs.

Reduced Maintenance
Trucks experience reduction in the total number of driveline components, which leads to an overall reduction in maintenance costs. There should be less vibration complaints and fewer U-joint lubes.

Stability Improvement
The 6x2 technology gives trucks additional stability control when operating in slippery or poor road conditions. The tag axle can’t spin out because it’s not powered by the engine, meaning there will be some level of lateral force to keep the vehicle stable on its path, reducing jackknife potential initiated by wheel spin.

Talk to your local MHC sales representative today to learn more about these deal-driving trucks!

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