The 4 Benefits of Antifreeze

RoadForce Antifreeze Coolant 50/50 Comprehensive Solution

Cooling systems and related products often become an afterthought for fleets. That is, until uptime becomes a downtime issue.

Nearly 40 percent of all over-the-road breakdowns are related to cooling systems. While there are a multitude of coolant options available to fleets on the market today, RoadForce’s Heavy Duty Extended Life Coolant (ELC) Concentrate and 50/50 are solid examples of quality products sold exclusively at MHC dealerships across the country.

These products excel at preventing rust and corrosion while providing freeze-up and boil-protection. When used correctly, these coolant options offer you full protection for a minimum of one year. Here are four other ways these products benefit your truck operations:

  • Helps Maintain Optimum Fuel Economy
    Antifreeze/coolant maintains the life of engine oil. Fluids that run at proper temperatures last through their maintenance life as well as protect and lubricate components.

  • Reduces Maintenance Costs and Downtime
    Bench, lab and fleet testing were completed to assure protection of various parts on a truck, including wet sleeves, radiators, water pumps and all the metals and polymers found throughout the engine.

  • Protects Against the Elements
    The concentrated blends of premium, long-lasting inhibitors are designed to provide up to 600,000 miles/12,000 hours* of protection against temperature extremes, rust, corrosion, scale and premature water pump failure.

  • Compatible with Other Products
    These products feature nitrited organic acid technology (NOAT). This component makes them compatible with any NOAT extended-life heavy duty antifreeze/coolant, as well as any diesel-powered commercial vehicle engine or stationary engine.

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*TOP OFF: Will maintain extended life protection when added to any Extended Life antifreeze/coolant. FLUSH AND FILL: Receive protection for up to 600,000 miles or 12,000 hours with a complete flush and fill using RoadForce Heavy Duty Extended Life Concentrate. Requires addition of extender (HD300) at 300,000 miles or 6,000 hours.

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