RoadPulse: MHC's Truck Triage System

RoadPulse diagnostics with MHC Kenworth including vehicle information, preventative maintenance and DOT inspection Need a quick diagnosis and simplified truck repair? No problem. 

Pull into any MHC dealership and experience the power of RoadPulse, our web-based “truck triage” system that provides you with real-time visibility to your truck repair, from diagnosis to scheduling, all the way to invoicing. RoadPulse features cutting-edge technology and enables us to provide you with more information at the beginning of a repair, as well as educate you on how to minimize future breakdown possibilities.

  • A diagnostic evaluation of your truck is performed by syncing it with MHC’s RoadPulse system. Trucks are diagnosed within two hours of arrival.
  • An MHC Service employee performs a physical truck walk around to look for any DOT violations such as cracked windshields, uneven tire wear and inoperable lights.
  • Truck repairs are assigned to the MHC technician best suited for the job, ensuring that your repairs are completed quickly and correctly the first time.
  • Detailed repair logs are saved in MHC’s RoadPulse system for future access. This means any MHC dealership you visit down the road will have access to information on these repairs.

RoadPulse is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, providing you with online visibility to any and all stages of repair approvals. You can choose to receive immediate status updates of repairs. You decide how you receive the communication, whether via phone call, text or email. An automated repair complete notification is sent to you once the job is finished.

Sign up for a RoadPulse account today and contact your local MHC dealer to learn more!

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