The 4 Benefits of Volvo Trucks for Vocational Applications

2014 Volvo VHD trucks for sale at MHC Kenworth If you’re in the market for a used truck optimized for vocational applications such as concrete, dump and logging, MHC’s large selection of low-mile 2014 Volvo VHDs are the trucks for you. The Volvo VHD has the brawn required for vocational hauling, and the brains to minimize operating costs.

Here are four ways these trucks can go to work for you:

Whether you require tight maneuverability for straight truck applications like concrete pumpers and mixers, or a bridge-law compliant wheelbase for an end-dump tractor, the VHD offers the versatility to meet your needs. These day cabs can be easily converted to dump trucks or concrete block haulers. 

Top Traction for Tough Terrain
Volvo’s T-Ride Suspension is designed to deliver the best traction in even the toughest conditions without sacrificing the ride quality. The T-Ride suspension provides equal force on each wheel end, ensuring that all the wheels have equal traction in any articulation. The unique design of the suspension incorporates low-maintenance nylon brushings, maintenance-free V-rods and torque rods, which are lubricated and sealed for the life of the suspension. The rubber load cushions also improve ride and eliminate twist from the springs.

Driver-Friendly Features
For heavy haul and vocational jobs, I-Shift for severe duty transmissions can help keep costs down, slow driveline wear, reduce noise and vibration; extend transmission life and lower overall maintenance costs. The I-Shift Transmission removes the physical and mental demands associated with changing gears, which reduces driver fatigue and provides more time for drivers to give their full attention to surrounding traffic. 

Hauling Heavy Loads with Ease
When carrying heavy loads in rugged terrain and crowded construction sites, you need a vocational truck that’s up for the job, and one that’s built to last. The Volvo VHD helps you deliver, day after day. It’s a reliable partner that gets the job done quickly and efficiently.

Talk to your local MHC representative and learn more about how these trucks can help your bottom line today!

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