MHC Customers Presented with Keys to First Kenworth W990s

Kenworth W990 Truck

MHC customers Fleenor Bros., Miller Industries and Taylor Transport were among companies that received the keys to the very first Kenworth W990s. The presentation took place in Las Vegas at the motor speedway during a grand unveiling.

“A well-spec’d long-hood conventional stands out in a crowd,” said Kyle Cousins, vice president of operations at Fleenor Bros. “The big hoods get you noticed. Customers, as well as our drivers, love them. I know it’s helped in our recruiting and retention. Drivers stay in part because of our trucks. They feature 3-color paint schemes and owner-operator specs.”

The W9 hood has been a fixture at Fleenor Bros. for a long time. The company purchases trucks from MHC Kenworth – Joplin, and has won beauty contest awards at the Mid-America Trucking Show the past two years.

Style, tradition and respect for the past are hallmarks for Taylor Transport, based outside of Atlanta. These defining traits come into play with the company’s fleet of 230 trucks, which perform duty in a wide range of operations. Ricky Cole, Taylor Transport owner, bought the W990 sight unseen.

“We liked the styling and looks; it could be a truck of our future,” he said. “You have to change with the times and the W990 gives us the look of the past, coupled with better aerodynamics and comfort thanks to the new cab and sleeper interior. We’re looking forward to putting the truck to work.”

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