5 Tips for Truck Winterization

Snow Covered Trucks

As temperatures fall, truck drivers may find themselves driving through 80-degree weather one day and plowing through a blizzard the very next. Preparing your truck for winter can make the difference between misery and comfort while riding out a storm.

1. Install fresh wiper blades
Nothing is worse than having replace a blade that fell apart in bad weather.

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2. Lubricate your fifth wheel
Spray lithium grease or silicone to lubricate your fifth wheel when it is too cold for traditional fifth wheel grease to spread easily.

3. Always have spare fluids on hand
Check fluids and tire pressure before heading out. Elevation and temperature changes can affect fluid levels and air pressures. Carrying spares and an air hose can mean the difference between getting back on the road and beating a storm or getting stuck waiting for road service.

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4. Prevent your fuel from freezing
When the temperatures drop below freezing, treat your fuel properly with additive to prevent gelling or ice build-up in filters and fuel lines.

5. Make an emergency kit
The odds of drivers having an emergency are much greater in colder months than during warmer seasons. It pays to keep a kit in your truck with all the things you are likely to need.

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