5 AC Tips to Stay Cool This Summer

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When the summer sun beats down on the metal and glass of an uncooled truck cab, the temperature inside can quickly exceed the temperature outside. This intense heat can put a driver at risk for heat stroke or slow their reflexes in critical situations.

During a hot summer your truck’s AC system may work even harder than its heater did during the winter, so make sure it’s working correctly and efficiently with these five simple checks:

1. Listen to the Motor
Is there noise coming from your blower motor? Even if you feel cool air circulating, the noise may be an indication of the need to replace the blower motor. Buzzing or grinding sounds may indicate a blower that is about to fail, and a blower working at less than full efficiency can put a greater load on the rest of the cooling system.

2. Check for Leaks
Vigilantly check for potential refrigerant leaks, which are often revealed by the presence of refrigerant oil on or under the location of the leak. Avoid leaks by checking your hoses and fittings for cracks or other issues. Pay special attention to bends and flex points, as well as the spots where hoses are secured. Replace any faulty hoses rather than simply fixing them and tighten or re-fasten loose fittings.

3. Observe Cold-Weather Behavior
Windows fogging up in the winter could be an early indicator of problems to come in the summer. A truck’s AC often works in tandem with its defroster to remove condensation from the front and side windows. If your windows frequently "steamed up" during the cold months, odds are that there will be issues when hot weather rolls around.

4. Keep It Clean
Remove dirt and debris from the system on a regular basis. Pay special attention to the condenser, where leaves, mud, bird feathers, or bugs may have accumulated. Using an air blower, vacuum, or soap and water, gently clean the condenser. Also check cabin air filters for debris, and wash or vacuum dirty filters.

5. Take It to the Experts
While these tips will help you uncover the most obvious issues, a complete inspection every year will keep your AC system operating at peak efficiency. Your local MHC dealer has the equipment and expertise to test your system from compressor to condenser to evaporator, with over 25 checkpoints. They’ll also replace the receiver dryer and recharge the refrigerant when necessary.

Ensure you’ll be running cool when the mercury rises by taking proper care of your AC system. Schedule a service appointment today!

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