Additional Sanitation Efforts to Keep Customers & Employees Safe

MHC is Dedicated to Safety During the COVID-19 pandemic, all MHC locations will take the following measures to protect customers and employees.

To help slow the spread of this virus, we also recommend our customers follow the same sanitation processes when trucks are in their possession and when multiple drivers are operating the vehicle.  

Watch how MHC is taking extra safety measures to protect customers & employees >> VIDEO.

MHC employees will wear nitrile gloves and face coverings. In some cases, nitrile gloves will be worn over cut-resistant gloves to protect the employee and customer. Upon entering a lease or rental vehicle, disinfecting wipes or spray will be used to clean all high touch areas of the truck. 

Special attention will be paid to the following areas:
  • Outside and inside door handles
  • Outside and inside grab bars
  • Seatbelt and seatbelt buckles
  • Seats, armrests, and headrests
  • Steering wheel and all integrated buttons/features
  • Shifters and turn signals
  • Sun visors
  • Console
  • Air and trailer brake knobs (if applicable)
  • Windshield wiper lever 
  • Any and all control panels or screens
  • Radio buttons and all other center panel controls
  • Air conditioning/heating knobs 
  • Air vent louvers
  • Glove compartment, including handle 
  • Rear cargo door handles
  • Fuel and DEF caps
  • Fuel door and fuel door release (if applicable)
For trucks with a sleeper cabin, the following will be cleaned and disinfected:
  • All controls
  • Mattress tray and any bunk
  • All safety belts and buckles
  • All compartment light switches
  • Air vent louvers
  • Radio buttons and knobs
  • Windows
  • All latches to secure drawers, doors, or closets
Upon exiting a vehicle, an MHC employee will wipe down the keys wearing nitrile gloves and hand the customer the keys. The above precautions will be exercised by anyone handling these items – technicians, rental managers/coordinators, salespeople, supervisors etc.

MHC is proud to support you in your lanes as you keep America supplied during the Coronavirus pandemic.

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