Buy Now & Receive Bonus Depreciation Benefits

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Thinking about pushing your buying decisions into 2021? Consider the benefits of receiving this year’s bonus tax depreciation if you purchase a truck before year-end.

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, signed on December 22, 2017, greatly enhanced bonus depreciation opportunities available to businesses in the market to buy equipment. In 2020, taxpayers can elect a 100 percent bonus depreciation deduction under either IRC Section 179 or 168(k).

Bonus Depreciation
Typically, when your business purchases equipment items, it can write those items off a little at a time through regular depreciation. However, bonus depreciation enables you to recognize a full deduction for tax purposes in the year of purchase. There were two enhancements under 168(k) that were not previously available or within Section 179, which are:

  • There is no dollar limit on the amount of property you can purchase that can qualify for the bonus depreciation.
  • This deduction applies to both new and used equipment.

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