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Truck drivers keep America moving forward. As customers rely on deliveries, MHC dealers make sure trucks are in ready condition when they hit the road. Our dealers are stocked and available to help with all service and maintenance needs when you need them.

Here is a helpful inspection checklist to ensure your truck is running optimally:

Check for missing, non-functioning, loose, contaminated or cracked parts on the brake system and check for S-cam flipover. Be alert for audible air leaks around brake components and lines. Make sure that slack adjusters are the same length (from center of S-cam to center of clevis pin) and air chambers on each axle are the same size.

Check the safety devices (chains/wire rope) for sufficient strength, missing components, improper repairs and devices that are incapable of secure attachment.

Check fuel tanks for loose or missing caps and signs of leaking fuel below the tanks. For exhaust systems, look for:

  • Unsecured mounting
  • Leaks beneath the cab
  • Exhaust system components in contact with electrical wiring or brake lines and hoses
  • Excessive carbon deposits around seams and clamps

Frames should be free of corrosion fatigue, cracks and loose or missing cross-members. For vans and open-top trailer bodies, inspect upper rails, roof bows and side posts for buckling, cracks or ineffective fasteners. On the lower rail, check for breaks, sagging floor, rail or cross members, or broken with loose or missing fasteners at side post adjacent to the crack.

Inspect all required lamps for proper color, operation, mounting and visibility.

Check tail board security, end gates and rear doors. Additionally, make sure you have the proper number and size of cargo securement devices for your load and the tie down anchor points have no deformation or cracking.

Check the steering lash to ensure you are within the allowable lash (or free play) distance. The allowable distance changes with the diameter of the steering wheel.

Inspect for indications of misaligned, shifted, cracked or missing springs, loose shackles, missing bolts, unsecured spring handers and cracked or loose U-bolts. Also, check any unsecured axle positioning parts and for signs of axle misalignment.

Check tires for proper inflation, cuts and bulges, regrooved tires on steering axle, tread wear and major tread groove depth. Inspect wheels and rims for cracks, unseated locking rings and broken or missing lugs, studs or clamps. On the hubs, look for lubricant leaks, missing caps or plugs, misalignment and positioning and damaged, worn or missing parts.

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