Kenworth Dump: The Ultimate Work Truck

Kenworth T880 dump truck lineup

The next time your job requires maximum effort, go to work in a truck that’s equipped to handle it. MHC has a variety of Kenworth T270, T880 and W990 dump trucks in stock and ready to go to work.

A Work Truck You Can Count On
The work you do requires everything you’ve got and then some. The same can be said of you trucks and the people who drive them. With a Kenworth dump truck, you’ve got a dependable, versatile vehicle capable of performing your toughest jobs. MHC stocks dump trucks designed at their core for strength, stamina and the operating economy you need to move your business ahead.

Luxury Disguised as a Workhorse
No matter how many trucks you own, a Kenworth dump truck is one your drivers will line up for. Inside the exterior is a quiet, spacious, state-of-the-art control center that fits professionals of every shape and size. The superior quality, craftmanship, fit and finish of the wide-open interior is easy to see, but it’s a driving experience that distinguishes the T880 from every other work truck you’ve ever known.

Truck of the Future
Kenworth dump trucks feature ingenious technologies and design features that elevate the driving experience to new heights of safety, efficiency and satisfaction. These systems empower the driver to make better, more informed decisions, remain connected 7 days, 24 hours, and dial in the perfect work environment.

New Level of Body Integration Technology
Kenworth has long been the chassis of choice for many vocational body builders and operators. Whether you run dump trucks, wreckers, mixers or other applications, you need a chassis that can be easily integrated with a range of bodies and PTO functions in order to meet your requirements.

The Easy Choice in a Tough-Job Truck
You’re not in the business to run trucks, but rather profit from them. An investment in a Kenworth dump truck pays off in greater fuel economy, driver satisfaction, productivity and resale value. Put your name on the door of a truck that commands attention and respect wherever it goes. It’s an honest reflection of your commitment to excellence.

Visit your local MHC dealer today and find your next work truck!

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