Spec'ing a New Truck for Residual Value

kenworth W900L

When purchasing a new truck, long-term thinking can help earn more money out of your truck when you’re ready to trade or sell. Here are a few items that can offer additional value on the secondary market:

Make sure you choose a factory refrigerator when purchasing a new truck. Used truck buyers are willing to pay more for these types of creature comforts.

Dual Air Ride Seats
Keeping comfort in mind can play a large role in increasing your truck’s value down the road. Used truck buyers want as much comfort as possible and will pay more for a truck with an air ride passenger seat.

When spec’ing lower horsepower engines, spec them in the engine family that can be easily updated to a higher horsepower by a second owner.

Aluminum Rims
Most buyers will pay much more for a truck that has aluminum rims. On trucks with dual wheels, put aluminum rims on at least the outside wheels. The residual value will greatly outweigh the cost to spec them.

These are just a few items that will help you get the most money for your truck when it comes time to trade or sell. Talk to your local MHC dealer today to find your next truck.

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