7 Truck Fuel Conservation Tips & Tricks

MHC Mobile Service Truck with Open Hood

Better gas mileage is a common endeavor among drivers. If fuel management directly affects your bottom line, minimizing your fuel consumption can play an important role. From driving style to equipment and preventative maintenance, these areas can impact your truck’s fuel efficiency in different ways.

Below are seven tips to help identify where improvements can be made to conserve fuel and ultimately save money:

  1. Monitor speed.
    Every 1 mph increase over 55 mph lowers a truck’s fuel economy by 0.1 mpg.
  2. Proactively maintain tires.
    Under-inflated tires can result in shorter tread, shorter tire life and lower fuel mileage.
  3. Change oil and filters regularly.
    Clean air filters can improve fuel economy, which helps keep your engine well-maintained for longer. Lubricated truck components that move more easily can also help lower fuel consumption.
  4. Take advantage of cruise control technology.
    It takes more fuel to get a truck moving than it does to keep it moving. Cruise control helps maintain a constant speed and avoid additional fuel burn from sudden acceleration.
  5. Avoid excessive idling.
    Idling can use a quarter to a half a gallon of fuel per hour, depending on the size of the engine, as well as use of air conditioning, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.
  6. Schedule routine service checks.
    Preventative maintenance can have a significant effect on a truck’s fuel economy. An MHC certified technician can inspect the truck systems and components that affect fuel usage.
  7. Find your inner Zen.
    Driving aggressively wastes gas. In heavy traffic, driving slower is more efficient than stopping and starting. Improve your truck’s fuel economy up to 30 percent by driving more calmly and efficiently.

Visit your local MHC dealer for all your preventative truck and fleet maintenance, parts and service needs. Ask your service advisor for more ways to manage your fuel economy.

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