Pride & Polish: Truck Cleaning Tips

Kenworth T800 at an MHC Kenworth Truck Dealership

Image is everything, and it can start with a clean fleet. As a rolling company billboard, there are many benefits to maintaining clean trucks.

Did you know a clean truck can give fuel economy a boost? Removing dirt and debris creates less drag. It’s also beneficial in the dead of winter to remove any salt and build-up from your truck and trailer, depending on where you operate.

Here are five quick tips to tuck away for your next truck cleaning session:

  • Always wash your truck from top to bottom, in that order.
  • Clean cab exteriors using cleaners intended for washing the exterior of trucks or cars.
  • Avoid washing in direct sunlight. Washing in the hot sun causes soap to dry before being able to rinse it off.
  • Clean your windows in the shade using window cleaner recommended by your truck’s manufacturer.
  • Shine up your tires by applying tire dressing to get a nice wall finish. Refer to your tire manufacturer’s guidelines before use for best results.

Showcase your business with trucks that shine. After all, your customers and competitors may be paying attention.

Schedule service with an MHC dealer along your route today to equip your truck to withstand the elements.

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