Spring Cleaning for a Tidy Truck

Kenworth W900L Sleeper Truck with Three-Color Paint Scheme

The term “spring cleaning” often gets tossed around when referring to someone’s home, but for fleet managers everywhere, it can be a a great time to schedule some tidy up work for your fleet.

Being proactive can save in fleet maintenance costs and prevent unnecessary tickets and violations. Here are a few areas to consider:

Cleaning & Organizing
Encourage drivers to clean and organize their trucks. If a driver gets pulled over, first impressions can become a big deal with DOT officers, making the difference between spending more time performing an inspection instead of moving on to the next truck.

Organization and readily available paperwork make your drivers more prepared and set them up for success. The more prepared, the less stressed they are in the event of a DOT inspection.

Truck brakes are used and abused throughout the winter. Elements like snow and ice can affect the brake system, including lines, hoses, parking brakes and fluids. Check for missing, non-functioning or broken parts on your truck’s brake system.

Tire Maintenance
Tires should be properly inflated and free of cuts, bulges and excess tread wear. Signs of excess wear and tear on tires includes cracks in wheels and rims, bent rims, unseated locking rings, lubrication leaks and broken or missing lugs, studs or clamps.

Lights, Wipers, Fluid Levels
Taking time to get the details right before there’s an issue helps drivers reduce the chance of unplanned expenses. All of these things are going to be especially important throughout spring’s wet and foggy conditions.

Talk to your local MHC dealer today and learn more about optimizing your truck!

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