Time for Truck Winterization

Medium duty Kenworth truck by side of railroad tracks

Fall is here and with it comes cooler temperatures. Winter is just around the corner, making it vital to start preparing your trucks for harsher weather.

Drive into winter with these tips and tricks:

Winter Fuel Blends
Begin winter with a clean fuel filter to further protect against gelling, especially with bio-diesel. The degree of blending #2 diesel (summer) with #1 diesel (winter) varies significantly by state and month. If you have to refuel in a low-blend area but are heading into the cold, consider adding a temporary fuel additive. Fuel coolers are unnecessary for most operations, as warmer temperatures are better for fuel economy.

Pre-Winterizing Tips
It’s imperative to perform all scheduled truck maintenance before heading into winter. Here are a few quick items to review:

  • Inspect and service coolant and DEF system
  • Spec a diesel-fired bunk heater for warmth
  • Keep your engine at 850 RPM to avoid EGR fouling if idling between 5- and 32-degrees Fahrenheit
  • Monitor tire pressure and tread depth
  • Load test batteries
  • Check air system components

MHC has a 23-item inspection specifically designed to prepare your equipment for the harsh winter weather. These services can be done in conjunction with preventative maintenance or as scheduled.

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