Tips to Maintain Your Exhaust Aftertreatment System

Kenworth W900 Day Cab in Black Paint Scheme

The introduction of the exhaust aftertreatment system in the last decade has established the exhaust system as a significant, functioning part of the powertrain.

Fan belts, hoses and fluid levels are well-known causes of downtime and extra expense when they are not thoroughly inspected and maintained. Traditionally, the exhaust system would not cause a heavy amount of downtime or expense if not inspected and maintained properly. However, the introduction of an expensive, complex exhaust aftertreatment system changed this.

A quick inspection should include:

  • Confirmation that electrical wiring has not become dislodged or relocated, especially the wiring
  • Ensuring fuel line routing has not been relocated or dislodged
  • Carefully examining flammable materials that may have been added, relocated or dislodged near the aftertreatment system

It is critically important to have your aftertreatment system operating efficiently. Even tiny leaks can affect the integrity and operation. Make sure there are no leaks and that no temporary repairs have been made on any part of the exhaust system. If a leak or repair has been identified, the affected components should be replaced with new components.

Beyond proper operation, compliance should stay top of mind. Many trucks are operated from Maine to California, running through many state jurisdictions with different rules and regulations. The only way to avoid fines and downtime is to ensure your truck stays in emissions compliance with the right parts.

Even though diesel particulates filters, diesel oxidation catalysts and selective catalytic reduction systems have shown exceptional reliability over the past decade, that reliability is dependent on the integrity of the system. An exhaust leak or damaged component in the aftertreatment system that can be fixed with a $100 part replacement today could turn into a replacement of thousands of dollars of parts in the future if not properly addressed.

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