7 Organizational Tips for Truck Drivers

Truck Interior

It can be hard to stay organized when you spend most of your time on the road, but managing to do so can make your life much easier. Here are seven simple and effective organizational hacks you can implement right now.

1. Clickable lights
It can be difficult to find a light sometimes when getting into your truck at night or when you’re trying to find something. Clickable, adhesive lights can give you light with just one tap of a button. Put them inside cabinets or above the bunk for convenient lighting.

2. Hooks/Velcro
Instead of throwing things in a bag or stuffing them into cabinets, utilize wall space by attaching self-adhesive hooks. Velcro is useful for attaching containers or bins to a wall in the truck and ensuring the containers don’t move when you’re driving.

3. Handheld vacuum
Keep a handheld vacuum cleaner with you to clean up messes and spills as soon as they occur. Keeping your space clean increases the value of your truck and keeps your area livable.

4. Storage containers/packing cubes
Before purchasing storage containers, be sure to measure the space in your cabin so they fit perfectly and don’t take up too much space. Packing cubes are also great to store clothing.

5. Labeling
If you have storage bins, it can be hard to know exactly what is in each bin. Purchase a label maker or simply label bins using a marker. This will help you cut down time spent searching for certain items.

6. Trash
Make it a habit to remove trash from your truck when filling up the gas tank. Also, before going to bed each night, pick up trash from your truck and check for any messes. This will get you in the habit of automatically cleaning your truck.

7. Over-the-door pocket organizer
This organizer is typically used to store shoes, but it can also be used to store basic necessities, like paper towels, snacks, toiletries and sunscreen. Hang one up on a wall in your truck for easy access.

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