What’s Best for Your Fleet? Leasing, Hybrid or Managed Maintenance Programs

MHC Trucking Leasing

When it comes to transportation, a “one size fits all” approach doesn’t work for everyone. Managing your fleet requires reliable, top-notch equipment and industry-best drivers. The question is, what’s the best way to make it all work?

MHC Truck Leasing offers different options to keep your trucks on the road and drivers safe, letting you focus on your core business. Find a solution that works best for your business:

Full-Service Leasing
Full-service leasing is a great choice for those who want simplified cost accounting, ultra-reliable trucks with minimal downtime thanks to meticulous maintenance programs provided by MHC Truck Leasing, equipment that drivers want to drive, and no hassles with vehicle disposal at the end of the lease.

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Own and Lease Combination
Fleets also choose to implement a hybrid model, both owning and leasing trucks in their lineup. As these customers have expanded, they’ve kept their legacy maintenance programs in place and kept their own technicians employed. As they add trucks, they put those into a full-service lease, not having to worry about maintenance, or hiring new technicians.

Managed Maintenance
In a managed maintenance program, companies can pick and choose the program that works best for their fleet. If they start with brand new trucks, they can set up maintenance just as if the trucks were on a lease over an agreed upon time period. When downtime occurs, replacement vehicles can be included in the package. Emergency roadside service is also an option, along with arranging for service at other network locations throughout the country.

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Transportation is a large component in your operation, so it’s important to weigh your options carefully to make the best decision. Whether its leasing or contracting out your maintenance program with MHC Truck Leasing, we do whatever it takes to support your every need.

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