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  • Operation Safe Driver Week Results Released

    Here are the top five warnings and citations for commercial motor vehicle drivers in the U.S. Read More
  • Work Zone Reminders Ahead

    Stay safe while traveling through work zones with these tips: Read More
  • Keep Cargo Securement Top of Mind

    Cargo securement shouldn’t be an afterthought. Each specific vehicle may have a unique solution to ensure everything on board stays in place. Successfully secure your cargo with these tips. Read More
  • Avoid Travel Delays with these 5 Apps

    Tired of unexpectedly getting caught in excessive traffic? There are several driving navigation apps available that simplify getting around. Here are a few of the options available to download. Read More
  • Whatever It Takes to End Food Security

    MHC Carrier Transicold – Little Rock has partnered with Arkansas Foodbank to aid efforts combating food insecurity throughout the state.  Read More
  • Pride & Polish: Truck Cleaning Tips

    Image is everything, and it can start with a clean fleet. As a rolling company billboard, there are many benefits to maintaining clean trucks.  Read More
  • Winter DEF Maintenance Tips

    As more vehicles get put back into service, one of the easiest details to overlook is the diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) that is already in the vehicle. DEF has a limited life and may need to be changed before a vehicle goes back into service.

    Read More
  • Ringing in a Healthy New Year

    Being a long-haul truck driver has its benefits. Truck drivers can see the world traveling coast-to-coast, adhere to a flexible schedule, and savor the sights in the quietness of their cab.

    Read More
  • Giving Thanks

    From the back office to the front line, MHC is thankful for our customers all across the country.  Read More
  • Appreciation and Gratitude for America's Truck Drivers

    The U.S. is made up of 3.5 million people working tirelessly to ensure goods are delivered safely, securely and on time, according to the American Trucking Associations (ATA). Join MHC as we continue to show our support this week for truck drivers.

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