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  • Tips to Maintain Your Exhaust Aftertreatment System

    It is critically important to have your aftertreatment system operating efficiently. Even tiny leaks can affect the integrity and operation. Read More
  • Winter DEF Maintenance Tips

    As more vehicles get put back into service, one of the easiest details to overlook is the diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) that is already in the vehicle. DEF has a limited life and may need to be changed before a vehicle goes back into service.

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  • Ringing in a Healthy New Year

    Being a long-haul truck driver has its benefits. Truck drivers can see the world traveling coast-to-coast, adhere to a flexible schedule, and savor the sights in the quietness of their cab.

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  • Spec Your Truck for Productivity

    As you enter the truck buying process, there’s much more to consider than payment. Look at the quality, efficiency and dependability of the vehicle. Here are five areas to consider:

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  • Interior Cab Cleaning and Disinfecting Tips

    The PACCAR Technical Center (PTC) performed extensive research* on which products to use and how best to protect your truck’s interior components and reduce the spread of germs. Read More
  • The Importance of Tire Management

    It’s better for fleets to have a proactive, rather than reactive, approach when it comes to truck tires. Here are five major components of an effective tire management program. 

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  • Used Truck Buyers Guide

    When does it make the most sense to buy a used truck? Here are a few items to consider when it comes to used trucks and how to get the best value.

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  • Keeping You in Your Lanes

    As customers rely on deliveries, MHC dealers make sure trucks are in ready condition when they hit the road. Here is a helpful inspection checklist to ensure your truck is running optimally.

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  • Truck Parts are a Text Away

    Need a truck part? Now you can send a text to your local MHC dealer directly from your mobile device. 

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  • Choose the Right Air Dryer Cartridge to Protect Your Brakes

    Choosing a high-quality air dryer cartridge will help protect your truck and lower the risk for air and braking system failure.

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