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  • Time for Truck Winterization

    Fall is here and with it comes cooler temperatures. Winter is just around the corner, making it vital to start preparing your trucks for harsher weather. Drive into winter with these tips and tricks: Read More
  • Keep Cargo Securement Top of Mind

    Cargo securement shouldn’t be an afterthought. Each specific vehicle may have a unique solution to ensure everything on board stays in place. Successfully secure your cargo with these tips. Read More
  • Women In Trucking Photo Contest: Vote for Tara

    Each year, Women in Trucking hosts an annual photo contest to help raise awareness of the importance of trucking for workers across America. Tara Stewart, an MHC service apprentice, embodies the essential worker message in her photo submission.

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  • 3 Areas to Consider While Preparing for Brake Safety Week

    Brake Safety Week dates are shared in advance as a reminder to drivers proactively check brakes. Here are a few of the most common areas for brake violations and how to stay road ready. Read More
  • 7 Truck Fuel Conservation Tips & Tricks

    Here are seven tips to help identify where improvements can be made to conserve fuel and ultimately save money.

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  • Spring Cleaning for a Tidy Truck

    Being proactive in cleaning and maintaining your trucks can save in fleet maintenance costs and prevent unnecessary tickets and violations. Here are a few areas to consider: Read More
  • Roadcheck 2021 Dates and Focus Announced

    The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) announced it will be conducting the annual International Roadcheck May 4-6, 2021. This year’s inspection spree will focus on lighting and hours of service.

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  • Tips to Maintain Your Exhaust Aftertreatment System

    It is critically important to have your aftertreatment system operating efficiently. Even tiny leaks can affect the integrity and operation. Read More
  • Winter DEF Maintenance Tips

    As more vehicles get put back into service, one of the easiest details to overlook is the diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) that is already in the vehicle. DEF has a limited life and may need to be changed before a vehicle goes back into service.

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  • Ringing in a Healthy New Year

    Being a long-haul truck driver has its benefits. Truck drivers can see the world traveling coast-to-coast, adhere to a flexible schedule, and savor the sights in the quietness of their cab.

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