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  • Get RoadCheck Ready

    RoadCheck’s annual inspection is scheduled for June 4-6, focusing on steering and suspension systems. Approximately 17 trucks and buses are inspected on average every minute during the Roadcheck blitz.
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  • Spring Uptime Tips: Emissions Check

    While transporting heavy cargo by road will likely involve trucks powered by large diesel engines for the foreseeable future, there are steps that fleet operators can take to curb their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and reduce the size of their carbon footprints.

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  • 5 Areas to Mind for Safer Springtime Driving

    Spring has arrived, and with it a whole new set of elements to keep top of mind while on the road. Here are five areas to refresh your focus:

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  • Preferred Partners Spotlight: Cummins X15 Efficiency Series

    The Cummins X15 Efficiency Series includes the most advanced fuel-saving features, so you get the most out of every drop of diesel fuel, from the optimized cam profile to a new piston structure.

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  • Put Brake Safety on the Top of Your List

    It’s important to make brake safety a top priority in the winter. A well-maintained brake system will reduce stopping distance and contribute to a safer driving experience during colder months.

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  • 4 Reasons to Choose MHC for Your Service Needs

    MHC’s network of dealerships can provide you with the support you need from coast to coast. From quick service repairs to preventative maintenance or roadside assistance, we have the experience and knowledge to keep your fleet running right. 
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  • Maintenance is Key

    Safety is more important than ever in winter months. Having properly working brake and power generation systems, and winter truck accessories like chains, wheel chocks, winter fronts, wiper blades and backup lighting contribute to keeping you and your truck safe.

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  • Drive Off the Lot & Go to Work

    Whether your company’s in the middle of its busiest delivery season or you have aging or damaged equipment that needs to be replaced, MHC is ready to meet your immediate medium duty truck needs.

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  • Brake Safety Week Results Are In

    Enforcement personnel throughout the United States and Canada conducted 35,080 inspections on commercial motor vehicles during this year’s Brake Safety Week
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  • El Paso Customer Drives W990 Home

    MHC Kenworth/Ford – El Paso customer Muñoz Trucking purchased its first Kenworth W990 after seeing the truck in person at a variety of industry events this fall.

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