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  • Time for Truck Winterization

    Fall is here and with it comes cooler temperatures. Winter is just around the corner, making it vital to start preparing your trucks for harsher weather. Drive into winter with these tips and tricks: Read More
  • Operation Safe Driver Week Results Released

    Here are the top five warnings and citations for commercial motor vehicle drivers in the U.S. Read More
  • A Deep Dive into Renewable Fuels

    "Green” goals don’t have to be exclusive to fleets in the new truck market. Electric vehicle technology has become more prominent in the trucking industry in recent years. As fleet owners who are interested in electric wait for the option to become more widely available, they have several options for making their internal combustion engines and operations greener through renewable fuels today.

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  • Appreciation for America's Road Warriors

    If you’re looking for ways to show your respect, here are a few things you can do while sharing the highway:

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  • Work Zone Reminders Ahead

    Stay safe while traveling through work zones with these tips: Read More
  • Keep Cargo Securement Top of Mind

    Cargo securement shouldn’t be an afterthought. Each specific vehicle may have a unique solution to ensure everything on board stays in place. Successfully secure your cargo with these tips. Read More
  • Roadcheck 2021 Results Announced

    Each year, the CVSA brings attention to a category of violations during the inspection spree to increase awareness of certain aspects of a routine roadside inspection. Here is a breakdown of the U.S. inspection results: Read More
  • Consider These 5 Things When Building a Fuel Management Program

    A well-executed fuel management program can save money and help your business grow. When putting together a fuel management program, here are a few things to consider: Read More
  • Women In Trucking Photo Contest: Vote for Tara

    Each year, Women in Trucking hosts an annual photo contest to help raise awareness of the importance of trucking for workers across America. Tara Stewart, an MHC service apprentice, embodies the essential worker message in her photo submission.

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  • Avoid Travel Delays with these 5 Apps

    Tired of unexpectedly getting caught in excessive traffic? There are several driving navigation apps available that simplify getting around. Here are a few of the options available to download. Read More
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