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  • 7 Organizational Tips for Truck Drivers

    It can be hard to stay organized when you spend most of your time on the road, but managing to do so can make your life much easier. Here are seven simple and effective organizational hacks you can implement right now.

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  • Preparing for Brake Safety Week

    This year’s Brake Safety Week is scheduled for Aug. 21-27, 2022. Throughout the week, inspectors will conduct North American Standard Inspections on commercial motor vehicles, specifically focusing on braking systems.

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  • 4 Tips to Survive the Summer Heat

    During the summer months, temperatures hit record highs. Whether you’re spending most of your day inside an air-conditioned truck, or outside loading and unloading freight, it’s important to take precautions against the summer heat.  Read More
  • Operation Safe Driver Week

    The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s (CVSA) Operation Safe Driver Week is set for July 10-16, with a focus on speeding.

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  • Long-Term Solutions to Improve Fuel Economy

    Fuel economy continues to be one of the top concerns for trucking companies, which is why many fleet owners and operators are focused on increasing fuel efficiency and minimizing fuel consumption.  Read More
  • 10 Safety Tips Every Driver Should Follow

    Driving a truck for a living can be a dangerous job. It requires a lot of skill and carries the responsibility to keep yourself and others safe on the roadway. Don’t skip any safety steps when it comes to driving; follow these 10 tips when on the road.   Read More
  • Roadcheck to Focus on Wheel Ends

    The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s (CVSA) International Roadcheck is set for May 17-19, with a focus on wheel ends.

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  • 4 Things to Consider When Buying a Used Truck in a Hot Market

    With the onset of the pandemic, followed by the challenges of microchips and parts for vehicles, a large demand for trucks was inevitable. A scramble to find alternatives to keep business moving is underway, quickly turning used trucks into an even hotter commodity.

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  • 7 Tips for Driving a Truck in High Winds

    Driving a truck can be dangerous for a lot of reasons, with weather being one of the top risks. While many people consider snow and ice the least ideal driving conditions, driving a truck in high winds is just as dangerous.

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  • 10 Things to Know About Entry-Level Driver Training Rules

    A new rule imposing minimum training requirements for certain entry-level CDL drivers is now in effect. What does this mean for drivers, motor carriers and training providers?

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