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  • 5 Safety Tips on Driving Down Mountain Grades

    When driving down a mountain grade, you only get one chance to do it right. Navigating these tricky roads, curves, slopes and steep hills is dangerous, and proper driving technique is critical for your safety and those around you.

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  • 10 Life-Saving Winter Trucking Tips

    Winter is here and with it comes snow on the ground and dangerous driving conditions. It’s important for drivers to be informed about the risks of the job and prepare accordingly.  Read More
  • Keeping the Supply Chain Moving into 2022

    It’s nearly impossible to turn on the news or check social media and not hear or see any mention of the global supply chain. As we enter a new year, there are still many challenges the industry continues to work through.  Read More
  • Wrapping Up 2021

    As the year comes to a close, we’re grateful to be able to support our customers.  Read More
  • MHC Offers Digital Payment Portals

    To streamline payments and increase efficiency for customers, MHC has partnered with HighRadius Corporation to create a one-stop payment portal for truck loans, as well as parts, service, MHC Carrier Transicold and MHC Truck Leasing invoice payments.

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  • Truck Prep Heats Up as Temps Cool Down

    Now is the time to develop a strategy to prep your truck for extreme weather patterns. Preventative maintenance is important to keep you running in top conditions through the cold. 11 areas to prepare as you winterize your truck: Read More
  • Thankful for America's Transportation and Logistics Warriors

    From the back office to the front line, we at MHC are thankful for customers all across the country. Read More
  • Time for Truck Winterization

    Fall is here and with it comes cooler temperatures. Winter is just around the corner, making it vital to start preparing your trucks for harsher weather. Drive into winter with these tips and tricks: Read More
  • Operation Safe Driver Week Results Released

    Here are the top five warnings and citations for commercial motor vehicle drivers in the U.S. Read More
  • A Deep Dive into Renewable Fuels

    "Green” goals don’t have to be exclusive to fleets in the new truck market. Electric vehicle technology has become more prominent in the trucking industry in recent years. As fleet owners who are interested in electric wait for the option to become more widely available, they have several options for making their internal combustion engines and operations greener through renewable fuels today.

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