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At MHC Financial Services, we prioritize the understanding of your goals and objectives in order to structure an individualized program that meets the needs of your business.

Unlike many cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all approaches that other factoring companies have, our goal is to develop a specialized program for each client to allow them to meet their strategic goals and objectives. Our advance rates average between 94-97 percent.
Factoring pricing considerations

Invoice Factoring Pricing Considerations

Generating immediate cash is critical for growing companies, especially if your invoice terms are 30 days or beyond. When you factor, you immediately receive payment after you perform your service obligation. Not only do you receive cash immediately, but you outsource your payment application and collections processes. It's important to consider all of these components as you evaluate rate.
Factoring Rate Structure

Factoring Rate Structure

The terms companies set with their customers is one of the main considerations in determining the price in a factoring relationship. We set factoring percent fees based on the terms you have set with your vendors. If your vendor pays you in 60 days, then you can expect your pricing to be higher than a vendor that sends payment in 30 days.
Factoring with No Smoke and Mirrors

No Smoke & Mirrors

We evaluate pricing based on each client's unique business. We don't believe in hidden fees and smoke and mirror tactics. Your agreement and pricing structure will be explained in a clear way so you know exactly how much it will cost you to factor each invoice. Our pricing averages between 1.5-3.5 percent.
Factoring that

Good for Business

When you factor with MHC Financial Services, you're able to outsource the administrative needs for your business, resulting in lower operating costs. MHC performs collections and payment applications on every invoice, and keeps you informed on the overall aging status of your invoices. Additionally, we offer same-day cash to help grow your business.

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