IROD Trucking, LLC

"Factoring with MHC has allowed us to put our trucks on the road without having the concern of cash flow. Resources like this make it possible for small businesses to get started and continue operating smoothly."

Kipper Hauling & Transport

"Before we became an MHC Financial Services client, there were many brokers we could not work with due to their payment terms, limiting our earning potential. Now, we choose who we work with because of MHC's credit score database. We decide same-day or next-day payment terms and our cash flow is now steady. Our dedicated account manager and her colleagues provide outstanding customer service and we are very happy."

Hauling Assets Transport, LLC

"We really appreciate that MHC Financial Services made sure we fully understood the services they provide, ensuring it would be a good fit for our small growing company. MHC took every effort to make it as seamless as it could. It has been a pleasure!"

Josh Johnson Trucking, LLC

"MHC made the buy-out process very easy for us. They went above and beyond the job to make sure we were completely satisfied with the switch. They have continued to check in on us. MHC is highly recommended!"

SMW Transportation, LLC

"Getting started with MHC Financial Services was made easy. Now it only takes a couple of minutes to send in load paperwork. When we have a breakdown, they are on top of it and help us get back on the road. Life is made easy for us because of MHC."

5th Avenue Logistics, LLC

"MHC Financial Services has gone above and beyond to accommodate my needs as a factoring company. They have exceeded my expectations and I am proud to continue working alongside them."

Alpine Trucking

"MHC went above and beyond, training us on weekends and nights outside of normal operating hours. Their dedication has made the transition from direct billing our customers to factoring invoices a seamless process. Being in charge of our cash flow is priceless!"

Calvary Freight Line

"We have been factoring with MHC Financial Services for about 6 months and love the service. We know we can always count on them. They are an important part of our business. We are proud to support them and thank them for all they do!"

Nellis Trucking, LLC

"We were both surprised and happy to learn MHC offers factoring services. It's been a huge help to have steady cash flow so we can pay our bills and keep fueling our trucks. MHC Financial Services has been really great to work with. It's clear they care about their customers!"

CS Express, LLC

"From the moment we contacted MHC Financial Services, they treated us with honesty and respect. The process was very simple and clear.. We trust and count on MHC to continue advancing our business. We 100% recommend them!"

Breakaway Transportation

"After almost five months with MHC, I have experienced dynamic service from MHC Financial Services. They were quickly reactive to any concerns or requests I brought to their attention and helpful in all aspects of my needs. I am thankful for MHC's seamless service they continue to provide to our company."

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    Why Factor with a Dealer

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