Lease a Truck with MHC

MHC Truck Leasing works with you to determine the best solutions and equipment. We have relationships with premier OEMs including Kenworth, Volvo and Hino to provide you with top quality equipment and the latest technology. A lease with MHC Truck Leasing allows you to accurately budget your transportation costs without reducing unexpected expenses associated with maintaining your own fleet.

Trcuk Equipment


  • Custom Trucks: Spec'd to suit your operational needs and customized with paint and decals
  • Flexible End of Term Options: MHC buys directly from the manufacturer, lowering acquisition costs
  • Truck Washing: Enhances company image and driver pride
MHC Truck Leasing Business Optimized

Business Optimization

  • Driver and Vehicle Performance Analysis
  • Telematics: On-board computing and mobile communications products with customized offerings
  • Fuel Efficiency & Economy: Wide range of quality products engineered for fuel efficiency and aerodynamics
  • Substitute Vehicles: Help avoid unnecessary downtime
MHC Truck Leasing Administration Responsibilities

Administrative Responsibilities

  • Truck Licensing: Relieves you of paperwork and spreads licensing costs over a manageable period
  • Permitting & Oversize Weight Permitting: Eliminates monitoring rules and provides permit assistance
  • Electronic Invoicing: Assists you in getting costs in the correct accounting period
  • Federal Highway Use & Third Structure Tax Filing
Safety Compliance

Safety & Compliance

  • Driver Trip Record & Fuel Tax Reporting: Consolidates vehicle data reporting and eliminates monitoring regulations
  • Driver Safety Programs: Ensures your product's safe delivery
  • Hazardous Waste Management: Ensures protection of the environment
  • Maintenance Record-Keeping (DOT)