MHC Truck Leasing Lineup

MHC Truck Leasing Administrative Responsibilities

When you lease a truck with MHC, you also receive the following administrative benefits: 
Business Administrative Responsibilities

Business Optimization

  • Driver and Vehicle Performance Analysis
  • Telematics: On-board computing and mobile communications products with customized offerings
  • Fuel Efficiency & Economy: Wide range of quality products engineered for fuel efficiency and aerodynamics
  • Substitute Vehicles: Help avoid unnecessary downtime
Safety and Compliance Administrative Responsibilities

Safety & Compliance

  • Driver Trip Record & Fuel Tax Reporting: Consolidates vehicle data reporting and eliminates monitoring regulations
  • Driver Safety Programs: Ensures your product's safe delivery
  • Hazardous Waste Management: Ensures protection of the environment
  • Maintenance Record-Keeping (DOT)
Administrative Services Offered through MHC Truck Leasing

Other Services

  • Truck Licensing: Relieves you of paperwork and spreads licensing costs over a manageable period
  • Permitting & Oversize Weight Permitting: Eliminates monitoring rules and provides permit assistance
  • Electronic Invoicing: Assists you in getting costs in the correct accounting period
  • Federal Highway Use & Third Structure Tax Filing

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