ELD Mandate for heavy duty trucks

5 Frequently Asked Questions on the ELD Mandate

How Will the ELD Mandate Affect My Business?

The New Year brings new attention to the electronic logging device (ELD) mandate, as all drivers currently keeping a Record of Duty Status (RODS) will be required to adopt ELDs by December of this year.

The mandate’s overarching goal is to improve roadway safety by employing technology to strengthen commercial truck and bus drivers’ compliance with hours of service (HOS) regulations that prevent driver fatigue. ELDs automatically track HOS and duty status changes, resulting in a better log accuracy, fewer HOS-related violations, safer driving practices and a more operationally efficient fleet. Here are five frequently asked questions surrounding the ELD legislation:

1. What information does an ELD collect?

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) outlined the specific data that an ELD captures, including information related to location, date, time, vehicle and driver identification, engine power status, vehicle motion status, miles driven and engine operation hours.

2. Are all ELDs considered compliant with the mandate?

ELD providers must have devices registered and certified by the FMCSA to be considered compliant. The FMCSA published this list of officially registered ELDs. If a provider is not listed, the device is not a viable ELD solution yet.

3. Are there exemptions to the ELD mandate?

The following drivers are exempt from the ELD mandate and may continue to use paper or electronic logs to record hours of service:

  • Drivers who keep RODS for eight days or less during any 30-day period
  • Driveaway-towaway drivers where the vehicle itself is the item of delivery
  • Drivers who are operating vehicles manufactured before the year 2000

4. What log edits aren't allowed?

A driver can make an edit to their log any time he or she feels an entry is incorrect. The rule allows drivers to make annotations indicating the change, but the original recorded driving status is not erasable. The following data cannot be adjusted by the driver or fleet manager, according to the mandate:

  • Drive time
  • ELD malfunctions and data diagnostic events
  • An intermediate log
  • Vehicle engine power up/shut down
  • A driver’s login/logout activity

5. Are fleet managers allowed to make edits?

Only drivers are allowed to make direct log edits. Designated fleet managers are allowed to make log edit suggestions on a driver’s log, which the driver can approve or deny. Ultimately, the driver gets the final sign-off, which reflects FMCSA’s desire to avoid driver harassment.

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