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Benefits of the Auxiliary Power Unit

Anti-idling laws have become more prevalent across the United States. As a result, fleets are turning to on-board generators, known as auxiliary power units (APUs), to operate heating and air conditioning systems. The industry averages for fuel consumption at idle range from 0.6 gallons to 1.1 gallons per hour. APUs help fleets reduce fuel costs, while still generating power for the amenities and tools drivers need to perform their jobs efficiently.

There are two main categories of APUs: traditional diesel-fueled and electric-powered APUs. A significant advantage to a diesel-powered APU is that when spec’d correctly, it can handle any load drivers throw at it on top of heating and cooling needs. Electric APUs are quieter than diesel, and don’t add another diesel engine to the truck with its additional fuel use and maintenance costs. Both diesel and electric APUs mean added weight and require space on the frame rail or under the bunk. 


The key to running a truck with a diesel-powered APU optimally is to regularly schedule oil changes, fuel filters and general preventative maintenance. Electric APUs require a battery swap at some point during the lifecycle to restore the APU’s original capacity. Overall, battery-powered APUs require less handling than diesel from a maintenance perspective.

ComfortPro APUs

IMPCO has designed the ComfortPro APU to perform every day, no matter where you are in North America. Whether it’s 110°F in Los Angeles, or 30°F below zero in Calgary, ComfortPro has the capacity to cool a truck sleeper or warm a sleeper and engine. Features include:

Cools the sleeper            Low voltage auto start            4,000w 120VAC, 60HZ generator 
Heats the sleeper           Weather watch auto start           12,000 btu Tecumseh compressor/R134A refrigerant
Charges truck batteries           Programmable date/time auto start           10,000 btu/h heating
Powers household items           1,000-hour oil drain interval           60 amp DC battery charging
7,000 btu truck engine heating           3-vent air distribution           Shore power ready

The ComfortPro APU offers a complete package available for idle reduction, with 20 years of experience, solid engineering, CARB verification and EPA certification, appropriate capacities with no time limits and a professional North American Service and warranty network. Talk to your MHC rep about the ComfortPro APU as an option to decrease costs associated with engine idle.

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