Reduce your risk for accidents in bad weather

Reduce Your Risk for Accidents in Inclement Weather

Snow and ice may be gone for much of the country, but it's important for drivers to stay smart in spring and summer. Warm weather months are capable of bringing dangerous driving conditions and sporadic weather. As drivers hit the road, here are a few tips to help ensure a safe journey to your destination:

Do not use cruise control during heavy rains, fog or hail.
Cruise control during low traction wet conditions could lead to hydroplaning or loss of vehicle control. Using the cruise feature also allows you to move your feet away from the pedals, and disengaging the cruise control may take crucial seconds during an emergency situation.

Replace worn tires.
Tires keep your vehicle on the road. Worn out treads provide less traction. It is also important to make sure tires are inflated properly for the driving conditions.

Replace worn wiper blades.
Poorly maintained wipers can hamper visibility in poor weather. Clean windows. After a long winter salt and other road residue can build up on your windows. Wiper effectiveness and visibility can be greatly enhanced by just cleaning the glass and removing the residue. Cleaning the inside of the glass can also increase visibility and help the defroster clear you windows faster by reducing moisture buildup.

Check all lighting.
Rain can also impact visibility so check all vehicle lighting including headlights, taillights, back-up lights, turn signals, parking lights and brake lights. These lights are important because they help you and other motorists to see each other in times of limited visibility.

Be aware of severe weather.
It is important to know what to do if you are driving and become caught in severe weather. Tornado winds can be strong enough to blow over and pick up vehicles. Trying to outrun a tornado in your vehicle is never recommended. The best thing to do if you see a tornado is to pull over and evacuate your vehicle. Do not hide under the vehicle or under an underpass. Seek shelter in the nearest sturdy building or low-lying area.

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