Change Your Habits and Fuel Economy Will Soar

  • Slow Down: Highway driving can improve fuel economy by 10- to 12- percent when speed is reduced 5- to 10 mph. Drivers that maintain speed limits save more fuel.
  • Maintain Consistent Speed: When compared to someone who is on and off the gas, driving consistently at 45 mph can improve fuel economy by 14 percent.
  • Accelerate Carefully: Avoid “jack-rabbit” starts. From a stop, gradually depress the accelerator, allowing the transmission to shift into the next gear. Tests showed a 21 percent improvement in fuel economy when accelerating carefully from 0 to 35 mph. It also helps to approach red lights slowly and try to time arrival right before the light turns green.
  • Know the Right Way to Brake: Ensure drivers know how to properly use engine braking and exhaust braking.
  • Reduce Idling: Conventional idling can burn 1.2 gallons of fuel every hour. Instead, try opting for alternatives that provide power when idling.  Alternatives include cab cooling systems, auxiliary power units or stopping at “electrified” truck stops.
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