Facts Behind Natural Gas Myths

There can be multiple benefits to running natural gas: its lower price per gallon and it is produced in the United States. Natural gas is also lighter than air, non-toxic and dissipates quickly. As the debate continues, MHC is prepared to help answer questions related to running natural gas versus diesel. Let’s look at the truth behind the top three common myths associated with natural gas.

Myth #1: Natural gas is not safe.
Answer: False! Natural gas is an environmentally clean, plentiful and domestically produced fuel that is used in homes and businesses across the country. Independent test results prove natural gas did not ignite when put up against .357 and AR15 gunfire, dynamite, bonfires and a vehicle drop.

Myth #2: Natural gas is for short- and medium-length haul or return-to-base operations only.
False! With the right specs, tank size and configurations, customers have logged over 10 million miles running 9L and 12L CNG trucks on 500-plus mile hauls.

Myth #3: Required equipment to run natural gas is too expensive, therefore resulting in a negative ROI.
Answer: False! Although natural gas equipment is more expensive and maintenance costs are higher, savings in fuel expense makes the total cost to operate less than a diesel powered unit.

Is natural gas right for you? Contact your local MHC representative to find out. 

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