MHC Truck Leasing Helps Grow Bell Nursery Business

Bell Nursery receives T680s leased from MHC Truck Leasing - Concord

Flower grower and distributor Bell Nursery turns heads with its fleet of 15 bright purple Kenworth T680 trucks leased from MHC Truck Leasing – Concord

Bell Nursery is the largest wholesale nursery grower in the mid-Atlantic. The company has more than 50 trucks in its fleet, which distributes approximately 100 million plants each year. The trucks from MHC Truck Leasing feature chassis-mounted auxiliary equipment for optimal fuel economy. Most recently, Bell Nursery purchased three additional day cabs from MHC Truck Leasing. 

“We initially received an inquiry from Bell Nursery through and responded within 24 hours,” MHC Truck Leasing Regional Sales Manager Mike Riley said. “It’s been a great partnership and they have quickly become one of our best customers in the eastern region. We’re their go-to source for everything trucking-related now.”

The company has been in business for nearly a century, and primarily distributes flowers through The Home Depot. Once the plants reach The Home Depot, Bell Nursery’s merchandising team is on-site to take, set and sign the deliveries for the plants until they are put into customer shopping carts. 

Currently, the company has a grower network made up of 35 family farms. The families invested in greenhouses and began growing flowers for Bell Nursery as the company expanded and required additional growing space. These independent owner-operators grow fewer than six months a year, and produce quality flowers that are locally grown and reach retail within just a few hours of leaving the greenhouse.

“Transportation logistics becomes so much easier when you have a dependable product on the road that you don’t have to worry about,” Bell Nursery Logistics Manager Chance Griffith said. “Our drivers are happy with the T680. We receive reliable support from MHC Kenworth – Concord as well as PacLease East. It’s clear that MHC wants our business and has done Whatever It Takes to keep it.”

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