2019 Bennett Hauling Depends on T880 Dumps For Driver Retention and Excellent Maneuverability

Bennett Hauling’s fleet consists of eleven T880s, purchased through MHC Kenworth – Raleigh, all spec’d with PACCAR MX-13 engines rated at 455 hp, and six-speed automatic Allison transmissions. On average, Bennett’s Kenworth T880s will accumulate around 60,000 miles each annually.

2019 Kenworth Adds Alcoa Dura Black Wheels with Bold New Style

Kenworth now offers the new Alcoa Dura-Black Wheels with bold, alternative styling for Kenworth heavy and medium duty conventional truck models.

2019 Kenworth T880 a Big Hit Among Liquid Stone Concrete Drivers

As Liquid Stone Concrete has continued to grow its fleet, the Kenworth T880 has become the company’s mixer truck of choice. Liquid Stone Concrete currently operates seven T880s, with more on order with MHC Kenworth.

2019 Kenworth W990 Lives up to High Expectations For Joeys Towing and Recovery

Joey's Towing and Recovery decided to add the Kenworth W990 to enhance its long-distance towing services. The company purchases all of his trucks from Miller Industries, who installs the towing bodies. Miller Industries receives the Kenworth chassis from MHC Kenworth – Chattanooga.

2019 Kenworth W990 Takes the Spotlight for NC Based Logger

Goodson previously augmented his contract haulers with a small fleet of Kenworth W900s, which he shared with his son Justin. He has since upgraded to the Kenworth W990, and took possession of six of the new W990 model this past spring from MHC Kenworth – Wilmington.

2019 Kenworth W990 Provides Luxurious Stay for Drivers

When the Kenworth W990 was unveiled in Las Vegas last fall, it didn’t take long for Larry Martin to jump at the chance of owning one. Martin, an owner-operator with more than 2.5 million miles logged over the course of his career, delivers machinery, robotics, glass and other industrial equipment in his trailer to all 48 continental states.

2019 MHC Customer Melton Truck Lines Receives Milestone 5000 Kenworth

In a special ceremony, MHC customer Melton Truck Lines received the keys to a new 2020 Kenworth T680, representing the 5,000th milestone Kenworth truck purchased by the company.

2019 Kenworth W990 is Winning Over Western Distributing Drivers

The six Kenworth W990s purchased by Western Distributing from Kenworth MHC – Denver, operate in the refrigerated division and are driven by the company’s longest tenured drivers.

2019 T680 Helps MHC Customer Grow with Confidence

KARR Transportation soon became an early adopter of Kenworth’s on-highway flagship model when the company took a delivery of 20 T680s in 2014.

2019 Worlds Best Customer Experience

Kenworth has announced plans for an all-encompassing program that includes personalized customer care, and a web portal with connectivity to a support team, instant access to product information, truck performance data, service history and maintenance information.