Truck driving in the winter

Tips and Tricks to Prepare Your Truck for Winter

Begin winter with a clean fuel filter to further protect against gelling, especially with bio-diesel.

Pre-Winterizing Tips
  • Perform all scheduled maintenance
  • Inspect and service coolant and DEF system
  • Spec a diesel fired bunk heater for warmth  
  • If idling between 5°F and 32°F, keep engine at 850 RPM to avoid EGR fouling; there is no constraint outside of this range
  • Monitor tire pressure and tread depth
  • Load test batteries
  • Check air system components
Use Appropriate Winter Fuel Blends
  • The degree of blending #2 diesel (Summer) with #1 diesel (Winter) varies significantly by state and by month
  • If you have to fuel in a low blend area but are heading into the cold, consider adding a temporary fuel additive
  • Fuel coolers are unnecessary for most operations; hot fuel is better for fuel economy