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Trinity Logistics Group RoadAssist Testimonial

Trinity Logistics Group

"Having MHC manage our over-the-road breakdowns has been a great move for us. The RoadAssist team is not only very knowledgeable about trucks, but also the transportation industry and the importance of timely repairs in order to meet delivery requirements. RoadAssist's network of vendors has proven time and time again to be able to handle our equipment failures, including repairs on specialized wind energy equipment. Working with RoadAssist has allowed our personnel to focus on improving preventative maintenance and resulting in reduced downtime as well as overall maintenance costs."
Erickson Transport RoadAssist Testimonial

Erickson Transport

"Since Erickson Transport has partnered with MHC RoadAssist, it has been much easier to track the repairs made at any MHC dealership across the country. They stay on top of any problems that might arise, and keep us informed. If we have a problem, we can call RoadAssist and it is straightened out immediately. This partnership has made our lives much less complicated and stressful. I would highly recommend this service."
Crestwood RoadAssist Testimonial


"RoadAssist has been great! I can always count on them getting roadside assistance to Crestwood's equipment in a timely manner so our drivers aren't losing much delay time. The RoadAssist team keeps us in the loop at all times during repairs. I would highly recommend RoadAssist."
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