RoadReady Center Services

MHC's RoadReady Center offers a wide variety of pre-delivery services before a truck is delivered to your business, ready to work. Services include: CNG/LNG fuel systems, Carrier and ThermoKing APUs, PTOs, pump and blower systems, hydraulic, Qualcomm, Motorola, Peoplenet and Eden tracking systems and custom decals/logos, etc.
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CNG & LNG Fuel Systems

Natural gas-powered products will not only help the environment, but also can help your bottom line. As an approved installer for Agility and Trilogy, MHC's RoadReady Center is equipped with the latest technology to meet natural gas tank needs. The Chillicothe pre-delivery location is also equipped with CNG fuel on-site so your natural gas tank will be full upon delivery.
MHC Service PTO

PTO Systems

PTOs attach to truck transmissions and transfer the power of the vehicle engine to auxiliary components, most commonly a hydraulic pump. Flow generated by the pump is then directed to cylinders and/or hydraulic motors to perform work. In some PTO applications such as generators, air compressors, pneumatic blowers, vacuum pumps and liquid transfer pumps, the PTO provides power directly to the driven component.
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APU Systems

Installing an idle-free electric APU can provide immediate fuel savings, charge the truck battery, heat and cool the sleeper and power household items in the cab. APUs can also reduce engine maintenance and CO2 emissions. MHC can equip new Kenworth trucks with ComfortPro APUs. Units come with a standard 2 year/4,000 hour standard warranty with extended warranties available.
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Due to more consistent power output as fluid resists compression under heavy loads, fluid leaks are easy to spot during routine maintenance checks. Constant torque and multifunctional control are just a few benefits of installing a hydraulic system on your new Kenworth truck. MHC's RoadReady Center is able to install all types of hydraulic systems, no matter the vocation.

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