Hino 155 and 195 Cabovers

Hino 195 | 195-DC

The Hino COE models were designed specifically for the North American market. That means the moment you see one, you’ll notice the difference between a product designed to deliver performance and reliability in one of the most ergonomically advanced COE trucks on the market. From the wide view pillars to the groundbreaking aerodynamics of the all-steel cab, Hino COE trucks set a new standard for driver safety and comfort. Download Spec Sheet

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Hino 155 and 195 Double Cab body

Ergonomic Design

The interior was created with Versatile Mobile Office Workspace. The standard folding center seat with a seat back console serves as a work station desk top and the center console cups are designed to be used as an easily accessible clipboard/notebook holder.

Hino 155 and 195 stake body


A Hino diesel or hybrid COE can be up-fitted to fit your exact business needs, whether it's for food and beverage distribution, general freight, landscaping, construction or utility.
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