Kenworth T680 Next Generation Heavy Duty Truck

Kenworth T680 Next Gen

Introducing the new Kenworth T680 Next Generation. Bringing a new sleek exterior design that highlights the innovative aerodynamic design features meant to squeeze every possible mile from every gallon. Offering up to 6 percent fuel savings from day one. Learn more about Kenworth's latest offering in this video >>
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Kenworth T680 Next Generation Heavy Duty Truck

Cutting-Edge Exterior Styling

Incorporating a narrower hood and grille design meant to cut neatly through the air. A-pillar turning vanes create less resistance next to side windows and aid in smoother airflow around the cab. Integrated front air dams, redesigned chassis fairings and optional 28-inch side extenders, work in tandem to keep airflow tight on the truck. Manufactured with new wind-slick wheel covers, combined with tandem axle fairings, turbulence is reduced around the rear wheels and on the trailer. 
Kenworth T680 Next Generation Interior Truck Cab

Driver Performance & Safety Features

Equipped with digital mirrors to enhance driver visibility by providing a clearer, wider view around the truck, day or night. The driver and passenger side mirrors include rear view cameras, displayed on a high-definition screen, 12.3” on the driver side and 15” on the passenger side, allowing drivers to keep their eyes closer to the road. Drivers can see better than ever before with auto camera defrost under 43°F, hydrophobic lenses, infrared night vision and multiple display settings. Additional safety features include adaptive cruise control, collision mitigation, side object detection, lane departure warning, and lane keeping assist. See it in action here >>>Check it out (video)

T680NG Panel 3

Advanced Interior Design

Driver-optimized technology elevates the driving experience like never before. Equipped with a 15-inch digital dash display and Next Gen Smartwheel, all the information a driver needs to operate the truck is at their disposal. Advanced features allow drivers to set their route and store up to 26 separate trip segments, answer phone calls, set cruise control, customize digital display and much more.