Volvo Truck - VHD430

Volvo VHD 400

The VHD 400 is ideally suited for heavy or customized haul, when making your delivery on time sometimes means you spend the night on the road. The comfortable 42” sleeper and full-size bunk mean you can tackle those longer routes without losing precious time.

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Volvo Truckl - VHD430


I-Shift is the most intelligent automated manual transmission on the market. It automatically chooses the most fuel-efficient gear, and will often skip gears to help you stay in the sweet spot while getting to your cruise speed faster.
Volvo Truckl - VHD430


VHD cabs feature a panoramic, one-piece windshield, slim A-pillars and sloping side windows, all to increase your field of vision. The wipers use a crossover pattern to more effectively clear the windscreen of rain or snow.
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