Premium 2000+ Warranty

Your PACCAR MX engine is one of the most critical parts of your business. Investing in the warranty for your MX engine, aftertreatment and other components will give you protection and peace of mind. MHC has partnered with Premium 2000+ to offer the most affordable truck power train coverage and offer a towing reimbursement for covered breakdowns. The knowledgeable and courteous staff of Premium 2000+ provide the best experience possible when acquiring warranty coverage or submitting a warranty claim. 

This is the only warranty of its kind in the marketplace that offers aftertreatment coverage as part of your 12-month standard warranty package. Additional term lengths are also available. This warranty ensures that if a mechanical problem occurs, MHC will get you back on the road as quickly as possible, so you can make that critical delivery.

Basic MX Engine and Aftertreatment:
1 Year | 125,000 Miles | $3,900
Full list of covered components

Added Term Lengths and/or Coverages:

MX Engine | Aftertreatment | Turbo Injector | Water Pump | Fuel Pump | ECM | ECU
 1-Year/125K Miles   2-Year/250K Miles   3-Year/375K Miles   4-Year/500K Miles   5-Year/625K Miles  
 $5,295 $6,495 $7,695 $8,595 $9,995
 Transmission | Rear Axles*
 +$895 +$895
 Auxiliary Power Unit*
 +$745 +$745
*above package required. 

Customer Maintenance Responsibilities

The plan includes $100 deductible per claim. Total aggregate limit of liability for any truck under warranty is $30,000. You are required to maintain your truck as specified in the Premium 2000+ Limited Warranty Agreement. Service intervals must be followed and services must be performed by a qualified, licensed service facility. Receipts for all work completed will be requested in case of a filed claim.


  • New engine and oil filter required
  • Visual inspection of warranted components - identify leaks at seals, gaskets and housings, and engine performance i.e. skips, misses, knocking, etc.
  • Road test/performance evaluation - identify performance and operational issues
  • Repair identified deficiencies - maintain ROs of related underwriting repairs

Eligibility at Inception

  • Model age must be 10 years from current year or newer
  • No coverage will exist once the vehicle reaches 1,000,000 miles (on odometer or EMC, whichever is greater)

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