Frequently Asked Questions About Selling Your Trucks

Get answers to all questions you may have regarding selling your truck to MHC. Below is a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions to give you the answers you need:


What trucks is MHC interested in buying?
We take all truck makes and models, and will look at any over the road, vocational, medium duty, and light duty equipment.

Does it matter how old my truck is?
We buy any aged truck upon approval.

Do you only accept Kenworth trucks?
We accept all makes and models of trucks, including any OEM and manufacturer.

What quantity can you buy?
MHC is able to purchase any number of trucks, from one vehicle to high-volume large fleets.

Why should I sell my truck to MHC?
We offer a no-nonsense approach. Our large network allows us to pay for and pick up equipment quickly. We can provide a full dealership experience and offer additional solutions for your needs.

How soon do I receive the funds from the truck I sell?
Upon approval, we can fund all truck deals within 48 hours of inspecting the equipment. 

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