T680 on-highway cruise control

Truck Cruise Control Technology

Utilizing cruise control technologies in trucks has proven to boost a fleet's overall fuel economy. Some of the newer technology even incorporates features to keep drivers safe and protect both equipment and cargo. Here are a few options that MHC Truck Leasing is currently offering in its new Kenworth vehicles:

Predictive Cruise Control

This feature optimizes cruising based on topographical GPS data inputs to help maximize fuel economy. As a truck enters certain types of terrain, such as rolling hills, the predictive cruise control allows speeds to drop slightly below the set cruise, which is an effective way to boost fuel economy.

Adaptive Cruise Control

This is a radar-based safety system with collision mitigation technology that works in conjunction with standard cruise control. When the driver sets cruise, the radar monitors the following distance of the vehicle ahead and will automatically reduce vehicle speed to keep following distance constant. This functionality does not replace the driver, but makes the driver’s job easier when navigating through traffic.  

Neutral Coasting

This feature automatically disengages a truck’s driveline so it can coast on slight downhill grades. The neutral coasting feature saves fuel by allowing engine speeds to drop to idle.

Driver Performance Assistant

Standard on every Kenworth with a PACCAR MX-13 engine, this module monitors and scores driving techniques in real-time, encouraging behavior that supports better fuel economy and longer brake life. The system coaches improvements by showing drivings how to best optimize the truck's performance.

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